Baseball News
So you are a certified baseball fanatic? If so, you should know the latest about your favorite baseball teams and superstars. This is true especially that ‘Winter Olympics’ is fast approaching. As a solid baseball aficionado, you cannot afford to be left behind when it comes to the real-time facts, trivia, and game schedules. Good thing there is the internet. Now, knowing anything about your admired baseball teams is just a few clicks away. With the presence of hundreds of online sites that covers this sport, which one should you opt for? Continue reading and know more about them.

Here is a list of the best global sites for Baseball News:

Major League Baseball (MLB)

There is no better way keep track of the latest happenings in baseball than to take it from Major League Baseball. The online site of this league maintains blogs coming from top-caliber beat writers. These writers are always updated with news about spring trainings, the players that battle for the top positions in different categories, and many other noteworthy information. Here, you will be able to read some of the most interesting words that most writers from several news agencies no longer thought about saying such as the ‘main reason why Mike Lowell spends a lot of time at the first base is that he presumably aims at increasing his marketability.

What’s more amazing than this is that MLB also delivers baseball insights coming from reputable baseball analysts such as Keith Olbermann of the MSNBC. You will be filled with knowledge with his exchanges of idea (and humor) with fellow seasoned baseball news reporters, Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck.

“Major League Baseball” is known to be one of the biggest baseball leagues in the world. However, the letters ‘m-l-b’ used in this site does not stand for the first letters of the league’s name. It has no affiliation with the organization. Rather, this site is facilitated by Tim Dierkes, a resident from Roselle, Illinois and a die-hard fan of ‘Cubs’.

‘Trade Rumors’ features wide variety of information about this sport. If you are looking for a reliable site that delivers the most essential and updated baseball daily news over the internet, this is the right place to browse. This site is linked to some of the most trustworthy news agencies in the United States. It has a complete archive for individual baseball teams. It even informs readers regarding contract negotiation among teams. You may also read the ‘tweets’ coming from the most respectable names in the world of news broadcasting, such as tweets from N.Y. Post’s Joel Sherman.

 Some readers think that most contents in Baseball Prospectus are behind paywall. Well, there is truth in it. However, before you judge it for being greatly concerned about money, you better pay close attention to the quality of news it delivers. This site takes pride of above-the-standards of baseball articles. In addition to, they also maintain baseball weekly updates featuring comprehensive statistics to keep you knowledgeable about the current changes happening among teams. BP also features large variety of podcasts and many other quality contents that mix with the MLB.

 Another must-visit site if you want a regular dose of the latest baseball news is the website of Baseball Savant. This site offers a fantastic search tool for the ‘Pitch F/X’. If you are a person who wants to dig deeper into this kind of information, this will certainly work to your advantage. By using it’s smart search tool, you will be able to learn about almost anything that has something to do with every baseball team from different leagues. Apart from that, it also provides visually-pleasing graphics that makes analysis of game results and stats easier than ever.

 Do you want huge amount of information which no ordinary baseball news magazine can never provide? If you said ‘yes’ to that, Baseball-Reference is the site you should visit. Honestly speaking, this site offers staggering amount of information when it comes to baseball. Draft info, statistics, rankings, trivia – anything; you may find it here. This is the site that will open you to the most hidden facts about your favorite baseball teams and matchups. If you think that all that it has to offer, think again. It also features ‘Play Index’. This enables you to keep in touch of quirky events along with regular things available on every page. Believe it or not, this is a baseball website where you will be able to read contents that you’ve never known you can actually read.

Thanks to the advent of the internet! Now, being on track about the freshest baseball news is no longer impossible. Need to know about your admired baseball team? Visit these global baseball sites and you are sure to find any sort of information you have long been searching for.